How to Setup your eCommerce Store on CastNow

This article shows an example of one of CastNow’s shops setup. The final result of the setup can be viewed at theme1.castnow.co.uk

Login to your online dashboard at portal.castnow.co.uk then head to settings:



To start the setup you need to have all of the following information:

Fill the General tab:

Enter your site name. This could be “Your local furniture store”

Enter your domain name, CastNow does not sell domains so you must already have a domain or buy a new one to enter it in your setup.

Enter shop’s details:

this includes your address, Your T&C and privacy policy. These details will be shown on your shop to customers.


Select your theme:

You can select or switch between different themes available to you from the theme tab:


Set your shop’s email:

Here you need to enter your shop’s email address that will be used to send email confirmation to customers when they purchase from your website. it is essential to take your time to find out the correct information from your email hosting provider. CastNow provides a verification button to make sure that your email is actually connected to your site.

For example, if you want to use your Gmail, you need to follow the steps in this link.


Set your home page and logo:

The media tab allows you to customise your home page photo, banner image & use your logo.


Integrate your social media accounts:

The integration tab allows you to integrate your site with Google analytics and your social media accounts:



Set your theme colors:

In this section you can set your theme colors. This includes your prices.




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