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How to add products to your Castnow platform

Congratulations! You have sign up to CastNow.

This post will show you how to start adding products to your free ecommerce website from your dashboard.

Sign in to your account at

Enter your Product category:

Go to inventory section from your dashboard: This will open a menu. select Categories.

Categories is the general category of your product. it could be men clothes or women clothes if you are garment shop or it could be a TV or mobile phone if you are selling electronics. The below screenshot shows how to enter category:

Enter your brands:

enter your brands such as Sony and Samsung. The following screenshot shows how to simply add a brand:

Enter your product attributes:

Enter your product attributes. Product attributes can be either of the following:

numeric such as weight.

text such as description.

Multi-option such as sizes.

The following screenshot shows how to add product attribute:

Enter your products:

Fill your product title, unique product number, description of your product prices, stock level and images..etc

The following screenshots show how to add a product:

Your product should be live on your online shop now ready for customers to buy.

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